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A Parent Perspective

A Parent Perspective

A Parent Perspective

Editor’s Note: Recently, Gabriele Tenbosch, a parent from Germany, shared her views about what Wasatch Academy has provided for her daughter and, by extension, for all students at the school.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." 
—Nelson Mandela  

I read this quote from Nelson Mandela in April 2022 while visiting Wasatch Academy in the lobby of the Administration Building. The reason for my visit was to connect with my 15-year-old daughter who was completing her 10th-grade year at the school. I was able to spend a week experiencing the atmosphere on campus and observe how well international school and boarding school life can work. 

My conversations with friends, classmates, teachers, dorm parents, administrative staff, and even the school director showed me how much the students are the focus here. The opportunities available to the 200 students from 27 nations are remarkable—offerings for their creative, athletic, musical, social, individual, and academic development.

Life at Wasatch Academy is characterized by the personal attention and empathy of the adults, who know how to professionally foster a multicultural community. I have been deeply impressed by the interest in one another and the concern for community, which is recognizable by the relaxed, positive atmosphere in the classrooms, on the outdoor grounds, at concerts and sporting events, and in the cafeteria. 

The honest interest in the students with their individual abilities and the appreciation of each person in the community at the school strengthens the people there. Through the professional work of the teachers in the various subjects, the young people learn to reflect on their own socialization and to better understand their fellow students in an appreciative way. 

Wasatch Academy manages to strengthen the students academically and personally through individual support and demands. 

Our daughter said to me, "Here, I feel that the teachers really want to help me understand what I haven't understood yet; I feel connected to them, a bit like friends. And we have fun together."  

Ms. Tenbosch went on to use a few other quotes that describe her impressions of the school:

“To be great, be whole: do not disfigure or deny anything that is yours. Be whole in everything. Put what you are into the least of your actions. So, in every lake the whole moon shines, for it is high enough.” —Fernando Pessoa, 1888-1935

This quote from "Algebra of Secrets" hits home for Wasatch Academy, and it hits home for staff in all areas of the school. It describes the students I have had the privilege of meeting. I wish every young person the experience of being part of the Wasatch community; these deep positive life experiences shape them—now and in the future. 

“Music civilizes; music makes you alert; music awakens the imagination. It comforts you when you're sad; makes you laugh when you're worried; clears your head when everything is going haywire. If you make music, you learn not to hate.” —Isaac Stern

Put simply, what violinist Isaac Stern wrote about music could also be written about Wasatch Academy.

Wasatch Academy offers rolling admissions.

Please contact our admissions team when you have any questions or would like to apply.