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Meet Abbi, Primary Therapist At Triple Divide Lodge

Meet Abbi, Primary Therapist At Triple Divide Lodge

Triple Divide Lodge is excited to announce the latest addition to our clinical staff: Abbi Fetters, LCSW! Abbi is a native Montanan with a master's degree in social work. 

She has worked in Outpatient and Residential settings with young men from various socio-economical and cultural backgrounds and with their families. 

From her experiences, Abbi has seen how important relationships between family and their kids are, and the vital role they play in supporting recovery from any mental health and substance use disorders. Abbi believes in meeting people where they are therapeutically and physically; because of that, she can meet on a walk, on a bench outside, or during meal time. 

She is excited to bring her wide array of skills to the unique programming at Triple Divide Lodge. Abbi enjoys adventures in the beautiful state of Montana with family while recording the beauty through photography. 

Please visit our page or contact us for more information about our programming at Triple Divide Lodge. 

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